Thursday 17 December 2009

APE HMG trooper Finished

I'm having a wee bit of trouble with the pics, so click to see the whole thing...

For my 28mm WWWII US I've decided to just finish up the 1 APE for now - in my weird war setting the Heavy Suits are support for infantry squadrons, very very rarely fielded together, so I'll concetrate on some other stuff before painting up any more.

I quite want to do one as a Brotherhood of Steel typre trooper for Post Apocalypse games... my PA cast of characters and troops is about 80 strong in 28mm now, but that's on the backburner for now.

The base is intended to look 'frosty' whilst I await the arrival of snow flock to pile on it - I'm basing all this batch of weird war as snow bases for no other reason than it's m favourite style of base.

I'm fairly pleased with him - he's not as 'clean' as I tend to prefer my finish... I think I went a little too far with the weathering but he'll do the job anyhoo.


Monday 14 December 2009

Finished Yeti's

Although basically finished in the Previous post the Yeti's have had their final highlights and such done... I'm working on another 15 too. The bases are going to be left like that for now until I get some new flocks I want to try out.

I've plowed through another 18 GZG NI to go with the previusly posted battlegroup, almost finished on those (I wont add a pictue until their done as you've seen a few of those already).

I did paint up 5 as 'Stormtrooper' type troops. The gold visors give them a space suit type of feel too so they might work for that kind of gaming as well.

Their not as 'Clean' as I'd have liked them but they'll do me for a few little skirmish games against the Yeti's. Again, bases to be finished once the flock arrives.

Sorry for the pictures, I had to use a normal table lamp today.

My other upcoming project are 15mm weird war/ ww2 units - I'm going to convert up some Homeguard and British Commandos to fight against alien invaders (Like the Playstation game Fall of Man) and also some Germans and Gear Krieg stuff.

Funnily enough I'm working on some 28mm along the same theme - Artizan troops and Westwind unusualness - My next update should include some APE suits that I'm finishing off.


Wednesday 9 December 2009

Battle Group Alpha

So - the first batch of GZG NI infantry are complete - they make a nice little platoon of a 10 man squadron and a 5 man sniper squadron. In the next batch I'm going to paint up an extra squad leader or two and an extra special weapon trooper or two so I can reduce the squad sizes a touch.

I decided to steer away from squadron markings as it'll be nice to be able to mix and match troopers to tailor squads as necessary. Next up I want to add some vehicular type do-hickies and a few more troopers the I'll be all done with NI for a while.

Also, as promised here are the Yeti's from green eyed minis - they've only had basecoats and a wash but they're well on the way - models like this paint up so easily.


Tuesday 8 December 2009

First 5 Complete

The first 5 of my GZG New Israelis are up - along with a wip shot of another 10 that just need matt varnishing and the bases need a wee touch of static grass.

I've gone for the fun but unimaginative colour scheme of 'Halo' - my thinking being these will work great as 'generics' - for uses in all kinds of situations.

Still to work on for the NI I've got a couple more infantry squadrons, an infantry command squadron, some vehicles (need to buy) and I think some ARC Augments from critical mass as a force command squadron.

I've really enjoyed painting these and in a week of nights on and off I've painted up what would usually take me over a month in 28mm.

I'm also working on some 'Yeti's' form Green Eyed Minis - 24 in total, including a converted 'shaman' type character and a force commander (basically a yeti cut in half and a bit of height added, and some scratchbuilt arms) - more pics of those this week.


Amongst other things I am a wargamer (other things being commited and manically passionate cyclist) - or rather a painter and modeller of small miniatures... I barely play a game from month to month, spending all my hobby time concocting new forces and conversions. I am also painfully slow at this; Good, but painfully slow. Armies and investments fall by the way side as good ideas drag on over months and months. I've got a few good 'gangs' though!

I recently discovered 15mm sci-fi and this is to become the focus over the next few months, as I try out new techniques and develop a faster painting style. Others genres and scales will pop up, but not as frequently. This watershed felt like a good time to start a blog, just as often as I want, showcasing techinques and findings and finished models.

Cheers All