Monday, 14 December 2009

Finished Yeti's

Although basically finished in the Previous post the Yeti's have had their final highlights and such done... I'm working on another 15 too. The bases are going to be left like that for now until I get some new flocks I want to try out.

I've plowed through another 18 GZG NI to go with the previusly posted battlegroup, almost finished on those (I wont add a pictue until their done as you've seen a few of those already).

I did paint up 5 as 'Stormtrooper' type troops. The gold visors give them a space suit type of feel too so they might work for that kind of gaming as well.

Their not as 'Clean' as I'd have liked them but they'll do me for a few little skirmish games against the Yeti's. Again, bases to be finished once the flock arrives.

Sorry for the pictures, I had to use a normal table lamp today.

My other upcoming project are 15mm weird war/ ww2 units - I'm going to convert up some Homeguard and British Commandos to fight against alien invaders (Like the Playstation game Fall of Man) and also some Germans and Gear Krieg stuff.

Funnily enough I'm working on some 28mm along the same theme - Artizan troops and Westwind unusualness - My next update should include some APE suits that I'm finishing off.



  1. Once again - good effect on this white 'Stormtrooper' paint job. I really like them!


  2. Nice work!
    I may borrow your idea on the "stormtrooper" paint job!

  3. Thanks very much.

    Feel free - I think a tiny bit of green stuff work on the helmet to remove the visor would make them MUCH more like storm troopers - It's not something I'm going to continue anyway - I only knocked them up when I needed a break from 18 'Halo' rip-offs!

  4. Very nice work you've done here on your blog, which I found from your TMP link.