Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Amongst other things I am a wargamer (other things being commited and manically passionate cyclist) - or rather a painter and modeller of small miniatures... I barely play a game from month to month, spending all my hobby time concocting new forces and conversions. I am also painfully slow at this; Good, but painfully slow. Armies and investments fall by the way side as good ideas drag on over months and months. I've got a few good 'gangs' though!

I recently discovered 15mm sci-fi and this is to become the focus over the next few months, as I try out new techniques and develop a faster painting style. Others genres and scales will pop up, but not as frequently. This watershed felt like a good time to start a blog, just as often as I want, showcasing techinques and findings and finished models.

Cheers All


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