Tuesday, 8 December 2009

First 5 Complete

The first 5 of my GZG New Israelis are up - along with a wip shot of another 10 that just need matt varnishing and the bases need a wee touch of static grass.

I've gone for the fun but unimaginative colour scheme of 'Halo' - my thinking being these will work great as 'generics' - for uses in all kinds of situations.

Still to work on for the NI I've got a couple more infantry squadrons, an infantry command squadron, some vehicles (need to buy) and I think some ARC Augments from critical mass as a force command squadron.

I've really enjoyed painting these and in a week of nights on and off I've painted up what would usually take me over a month in 28mm.

I'm also working on some 'Yeti's' form Green Eyed Minis - 24 in total, including a converted 'shaman' type character and a force commander (basically a yeti cut in half and a bit of height added, and some scratchbuilt arms) - more pics of those this week.

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  1. great! Great! Great! Can you tell me what colours you used to paint the N.I.s?